as of july 2018, I am a desk editor for nbc news in london. beforehand i was a FREELANCe news producer AND VJ FOR RAW-NEWS, A NEWS AGENCY BASED IN LONDON AND ROME. during my career I've mostly covered stories about natural disasters and the refugees crisis. Watch some of my favorite CLIPS.

Genoa bridge collapse - the tragedy that split a city

On August 14, 2018, a highway overpass and vital transportation link collapsed in Genoa, leaving 43 people dead and a city split in two. Italian prosecutors are currently investigating twenty people.

Production: NBC News in August 2018

Refugees in Rome - A winter on the streets

Rome is one of the only European capitals without proper, government-run reception centers, forcing refugees to sleep rough or in unsafe conditions.

Production: AJE/Raw-News in Dec. 2016

Rigopiano Avalanche

In January 2017, an avalanche in central Italy buried 40 people under the luxury hotel of Rigopiano. Rescuers rushed to the location to dig out survivors. They were able to heroically save 10 people within the first three days.

Production: AJE/ Raw-News in Jan. 2017

Amatrice earthquake: the aftermath

On August 24, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck central Italy, the town of Amatrice and other villages reduced to dust. I spent a week in Amatrice with an NBC crew. This is one piece from our first day there.

Production: NBC/Raw-News in August 2016

Amatrice earthquake: one month on

Exactly a month after the deathly earthquake that left nearly 400 people dead, I went back to Amatrice to check on the reconstruction developing and on the life of those still living in the tent camps.

Production: Al-Jazeera English/Raw-News in September 2016


What makes a family? A rally against LGBT unions

In January 2016, the Italian parliament discussed a bill that, once approved, would have legalized same-sex civil unions. The bill later passed despite the tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered to protest it. This is the first law in Italy specifically in support of LGBT rights. 

Produced for Al-Jazeera English/Raw-News in January 2016


Virginia Raggi the first 5-stars mayor in Rome? 

The 5-stars-movement candidate Virginia Raggi could become Rome's first female mayor. Her victory could blow the power of Prime Minister and Pd secretary Matteo Renzi.  (Update - Raggi won the elections with 67% of voting and is now serving as mayor of Rome)

 Production Al-Jazeera English/Raw-News in June 2016.

What happened to Giulio Regeni?

Giulio Regeni was an Italian doctorate candidate studying in Cairo. He disappeared and was later found dead with signs of torture in Cairo in February 2016.  Egyptian President Al-Sisi security services are strongly suspected of involvement in his murder. 

Production: Al-Jazeera English/Raw-News in April 2016

In between news, I gladly take on the production of commercials, especially when I get the chance to showcase my beautiful country. These two, produced one for an english and one for an Australian companies, are my favorite ones.

Fancy a trip to Rome? Then discover the Eternal city with this video guide. From street art wonders to vine-tasting experience, this is an off-beaten path guide to my beloved city. Produced for Great Italian Chefs and Celebrity Cruises in March 2016. 

Nonna Paola is a tech-challenged Italian grandma living in Australia. For the first time, we connected her in a video conference with her Italian family back in Calabria. Produced for NBN, the Australian network band in June 2015.